(Jeremy) Neil Spalding


Using clay, Neil creates models of buildings & all are handmade and hand decorated – no moulds or sprays are used & the most complex, Blakesley Hall, is made out of fifty eight separate pieces of clay.

None of the clay model buildings are exact replicas – they represent his own interpretation & he may omit details or accentuate certain features.

Many of the actual buildings still exist although perhaps not fulfilling their original function, some others disappeared long ago but from research into old plans and photographs Neil has been able to recreate them.

On the whole he chooses to represent buildings which have a function, such as mills & barns; pumping stations; stables, engine houses and dovecotes.

These reflect Neil’s interest in the history and architecture of the industrial and agricultural buildings which are part of our heritage and are becoming few and far between.

He also makes other buildings which have taken his fancy and these range from a small chateau to mediaeval merchants’ houses.

Most of Neil’s model buildings are Raku fired, but to give variety and interest some are fired as stoneware, whilst others are traditionally lustred earthen-ware.

The height of the clay models ranges from about 8 cms to 23 cms.