Gary Brine

Wood turner

As a youngster Gary’s first creative interests were in photography and music, but as time went on (& following a full-time career in Information Technology) he decided that he wanted to work with his hands, producing high quality items.

Understanding the extra quality that the precision of a skilled craftsman gives to a piece he gradually built a portfolio of skills, including leather craft & the birthday gift of a one-to-one woodturning course with a highly skilled craftsman then gave Gary the motivation to return to creating work by hand using natural materials & he has been woodturning ever since.

With a reverence for trees and a love of the look and feel of wood, he actively supports woodland protection, appreciating that every piece of wood has its own beauty & striving to reveal that as he turns each unique piece, allowing the beauty of the wood itself to shine through.

Gary likes to challenge himself with the pieces he produces, informed by how that piece of wood ‘speaks’ to him & his ideal is marrying a contemporary feel to his turning with a quality finish.

The wood he uses is either sourced from suppliers with the recognised guarantees of the sustainable production of the timber, or gathered by him from fallen branches, or trees that have been felled for reasons of safety or woodland management.

Gary’s recent work includes larger-scale, statement pieces which retain the naturally weighty feel of the wood and have surface areas which show to best advantage the timber’s unique ‘fingerprint’.

He has also developed his own inlays which when used in moderation highlight the wood’s characteristics, adding to the carefully polished finish and contemporary shapes which set his turned pieces apart.