Rowan McOnegal

Mokuhanga Artist

An established stained glass artist, and well known in Herefordshire for her private and public stained glass, Rowan was increasingly drawn to work in a more environmentally sustainable medium, in spite of her love of glass.

Having trained as a fine artist and printmaker, she was enchanted back to printmaking, and travelled to Japan in 2016 to study Traditional Japanese water based woodblock printmaking, Mokuhanga.

She is now exploring this fascinating and versatile art form, and is making prints and also teaching others how to make watercolour woodblock prints.

She is returning to Japan in 2020 for further study.

Her work continues to be the result of an immersion in, and celebration of, the natural world, and a plea to appreciate and value it.

The works are all original, limited edition or one-off prints, printed by hand on Japanese kozo paper, using natural watercolour pigments from hand carved woodblocks.