Peter Horrocks


Peter studied Fine Art at Leicester College of Art, Chelsea School of Art and London University & has always been more interested in fragments of the landscape and geological features rather than ‘the picturesque’.

His artwork explores the use of natural earth pigments & he uses a range of ochres mined from from Clearwell Caves in the Forest of Dean, where ochre has been mined since Roman times.

Others pigments are sourced from other places in the UK and abroad & Peter rubs the dry pigment into the surface of acid-free board.

He also uses powdered charcoal and graphite & incises structural lines into the surface of the board with scribers and knives – the line then becomes a physical part of the work and holds pigment within the grooves created.

Peter’s recent works use the pigments mixed with water and an acrylic binder.

Layers of gesso, plaster, pigment, clay etc. are applied to plywood panels, handmade paper or canvas & he scrapes, rubs and sands the surface, revealing colours in the layers beneath.

Drawing is a regular part of Peter’s practice and is used as an act of discovery as well as a preparatory process towards finished pieces.