Rowan McOnegal

Glass artist

Although an established stained glass artist and well known in Herefordshire for her private and public stained glass, Rowan has increasingly leaned towards working in a more environmentally sustainable medium.
Having trained at the start of her career as a fine artist and printmaker, she has now been drawn back to printmaking, in spite of her love of glass.
Rowan travelled to Japan in 2016 to study Traditional Japanese water based woodblock printmaking, Mokuhanga & iis now exploring this art form.
This is the link to her page on our gallery website relating to her work now, as a Mokuhanga artist.
Our gallery has the privilege of showing the remainder of Rowan’s stained glass panels & whilst not all the panels in the images shown here will still be available, we have a good many others from which to choose.
There is still an opportunity then to possess one of these beautiful pieces & the following information relates to Rowan’s stained glass making.

Originally trained in fine art as a painter and after many years working as a photographer and herbalist, Rowan gave up canvas for glass because it combined her two passions, light and nature.
Rowan’s image-making employed drawing, painting, colour and changing light using traditional techniques, together with more contemporary sandblasting to create her glass designs, which have been predominantly inspired by organic forms in the world around us.
Most of the glass she used was blown in the West Midlands using Swedish sand, whilst she also bought glass from Poland and France.
Rowan’s panels were often designed & made by her as commissions for clients & she limited her equipment to an energy-efficient kiln and a sandblaster, deliberately steering away from acid etching, a toxic process which her dedication to protecting the environment would not allow.
She had been enjoying experimenting with plating layers of glass together in exciting and unexpected ways and using more painterly effects using different mediums with stains and paints, informed by her printmaking experience.