Michele Vincent

Glass artist

Michele’s interest in expressive pattern and structure has developed over many years, initially with the study of textiles and hand crafted pieces using embroidery techniques, as well as lace making, quilting and collage.

In 2012 she began exploring kiln formed glass, making pieces at first through informal courses which helped her to develop her previously latent interest in the light and colour that glass as a material offers.

Having spent several years learning and exploring various techniques involved in creating warm glass pieces, Michele decided to become a mature student in order to extend her learning in a more formal environment, benefitting from access to the wide range of resources and equipment offered by a degree study programme.

To this end she entered undergraduate education in 2018 at UWTSD, where she acquired and developed a range of cold glass skills which helped support her ongoing exploration of the colourful, luminescent qualities of glass.

Wishing to concentrate more on the alchemy of kiln formed glass, Michele transferred to the University of Wolverhampton in 2019 and looks forward to the possibilities and opportunities which being part of the academic environment may create in the future.

Michele is currently finding that her focus is tending towards strip linear designs, supporting her long-held fascination with colour, pattern and structure.