Gregg Anston-Race

Glass artist

In his glass art studio, recently relocated to Cornwall, leading glass artist Gregg creates fused glass pieces & his work is well known for its distinctive design and strong, bold colours.
He creates work varying from pretty, slim vessels to large panels, firing work up to one by two metre’s in length and breadth.
Gregg is always happy to discuss work and designs with clients who require bespoke commissions, creating individual and original glass art to meet their requirements, whether for stand-alone glass art, splash-backs or wall art.
His studio includes a gallery which displays pieces of various different styles and colours and where designs can be discussed with him.
If you are unable to visit the gallery though, Gregg will be happy to create samples of work to ensure that whatever you choose will be exactly right for you and your home – price can of course vary according to the size and techniques used in creating the glass.