Amanda Kitching

Glass artist

A Herefordshire veterinary surgeon by profession, Amanda has felt drawn to experiment with fused glass since her health deteriorated in 2012, following a multiple sclerosis relapse.

Being compelled by that to reduce her hours at the surgery, she was presented with an unusual amount of time for herself & the opportunity when feeling well enough at times to indulge her passion for creating fused glass pieces.

Amanda uses recycled glass to make both decorative & functional pieces, their beauty particularly brought to life by either natural daylight or (in the case of her curved shades) by candle light, whether from real or battery candles.

She is hugely inspired by the changing seasons, by the garden at home (as well as the cat & chickens!) & simply by the natural world as a whole, especially locally, where she & her husband walk their three much-loved rescue dogs.

Amanda believes that inspiration can be found everywhere in fact, if we keep our eyes open & our minds curious & allow our imaginations to get involved.

She feels that it’s just a matter of finding enough time to ‘play’ – to experiment and allow the medium to work its magic & feels strongly that time spent in creating her fused glass helps psychologically, being a wonderful tonic when her body is struggling with MS.

“I can lose hours creating fused glass pieces in my dining room, where my small kiln resides. From being initially my own hobby and passion, I hope that the resulting pieces will bring light and beauty into other people’s lives.”