Sarah Tassell

Fibre Artist

Sarah’s inspiration for her work comes from nature, her designs evolving from drawings of collections of conkers, acorns and chestnuts in the Autumn and blossoming bulbs in the Spring.

The sense of wonder found in childhood is fundamental to her work & her creations are designed to be touched, held and sat in, involving & inviting an element of play.

Sarah’s work evokes a sense of protection by form and surface texture & with this feeling of protection and being protected she is then able to play freely with her imagination, creating a lasting impression of her source of inspiration.

​Sarah works in wool because she loves the direct hand-material connection, and she feels that needle felting is like having a magical 3D pen!

Her love of felting is ever-growing as the wool’s gentle warmth and forgiving nature encourage her to explore – small hand-held pieces are the basis for exploration and interest, prompting ideas for bigger pieces.