Karl Hamilton-Cox


Hereford based artist Karl’s previous career as an Armourer in the Army meant working alone for much of the time – useful preparation for the life of a professional artist!

Whilst he does paint on canvas at times Karl now specialises in painting fine art on leather – as wall art or on leather jackets & handbags.

He began painting on leather when he was asked by a customer to paint an image on a leather jacket – quite a process to perfect a finish that would allow for the movement of a garment, as well as being impervious to the elements, diesel & petrol etc. & very different to the finish of a painting that would be protected by glass & hung inside a building!

Having accepted that challenging commission & mastered the technique of painting on leather, Karl understands the importance when creating a piece of art on leather of choosing the most appropriate colour & grain of leather – Karl wants the image to be the first point of focus, with the leather complementing rather than dominating the subject.

He feels that the time taken in creating his artwork is & should be a journey – from inspiration through the process of creation to completion & he finds the creative process of painting intense & absorbing, requiring a great deal of concentration & the high standard he sets himself in everything he does is evidenced by the precision of his artwork.

Karl loves drawing, creating detailed drawn or painted monochrome images & his artwork is constantly evolving as he experiments with light, tone, composition & colour based on a very limited palette, the depth of colour achieved by glazing many layers of paint, allowing the colour balance of a painting to gradually emerge.

He welcomes commissions &, based on the adaptation of photographic images, enjoys creating realistic compositions whether the subject is wildlife, a human figure or an object.